Welcome to the Dreamer to Doer Video Series


A Note from Steph Gold

Hello Hello! Welcome to the Dreamer Video Series!

I am SO excited that you are listening to the dream that is nudging at your side!! I have created this series just for you! There is no longer an email sign-up to get the whole series, it’s right here on this page (please disregard that portion of the intro video.)

This video series is designed to move you forward right now! What I want more than anything is for you to trust yourself and lean into your limitless potential - well beyond the things that make you play small. And then begin to align your life fully to the nudge or dream tapping you - the one that feels so important, yet, comes with the all-important question, "How do I get there from here?"

I promise you, it will become clearer and clearer once you say yes to it…You just have to say, “YES!”

I spent so much time questioning and rationalizing my own nudge to pursue the work I’m doing now. I kept taking courses and retreats and joining groups to allow myself to feel ready. The hard truth is, we never feel ready. There is always more learning and growing and development to do to improve ourselves.

But just because you may not feel ready, doesn't mean you aren’t meant to follow the thing your heart and soul is calling you to – the thing you are really meant to be doing. It just means you need to step forward and start. And all that requires is for you to say yes and commit to it, and then find the right steps and support to get there. I will walk you through all of this in the video series.

What lights me up the most is helping others smash through the barriers we set for ourselves. This came from some big realizations from my own struggles with fear and feelings of unworthiness that held me back for years from creating the business and life I get to live now.

This has been one of the biggest lesson for not only my life but for so many of the women I meet who went through the same feelings of being stuck.  I will share with you the full circle of moving through those fears and experiencing the most incredible, magical moments I live for now in my work. - Moments I could never have imagined would become such a big part of my work when I first started.  

The first video below is an intro to kick us off - let's do this Dreamer!

Sending you so much love!! Steph

Introduction - Click the image to watch the video.

Below you will find the full video series. Each step is really critical, so take your time, let it all sink in, and re-listen as much as you need to. All I ask is that you do your best to keep moving...this is not an opportunity to get stuck. 

I promised to share the MAGIC moments in my coaching business that have made it the best decision of my life, and more powerful and exciting than I could have ever imagined. They are below with a short summary of each video's step in the series. I am so excited for you to dive in!

Step One - Pick Something

The first video is designed to get you out of the weeds! This step helps you simplify your starting place by picking YOUR one thing for YOUR ideal client to get you from stuck to started in no time. Don't think you're ready? I hope you'll feel otherwise after this video!!


MAGIC Moments: I LOVE the light switch moments! It’s the A-HA moment when the women I get to talk to about their nudges and dreams realize they absolutely can do it and they DECIDE to stop holding themselves back. Omg, that is SO powerful and always as emotional for me as it is for them.  That’s really what this series is designed to do – give you the steps to stop holding back and see you CAN make it happen.

Step Two - Structure

This step will help you set up a simple structure to design your dream into a heart-centered business, with a simple working plan to keep you moving forward - it can be accomplished with even the busiest schedule.


MAGIC Moments:  One of the hardest things for me in this work is that because I am one person working closely with my clients, it's just not possible for me to reach every woman around the world to help her birth her coaching business into the world. Truly, what I care most about is knowing that she WILL do it and together, we can get her moving in that direction. That is why I've made this video series! So, the second moment in this work that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is providing some simple coaching steps and seeing women fully take in those steps and start to leap forward. There is a magical energy shift that happens - and we both just know, she's on her way!

Step 3 - Support

This step  is all about ensuring you have the support you need to keep moving forward. This can truly be EVERYTHING when it comes to making it through the challenges and obstacles that not only starting a business comes with but that come up in this crazy thing called life.


MAGIC Moments: Let’s talk about the Ripple Effect! When women start aligning (and re-aligning) their lives to what they are called to do, magic starts to happen – but on the other hand, omg...some sh*t can go down! It brings up a lot of personal stuff and emotional stuff. Fears, worthiness, trusting ourselves, believing we can do it - all while also working through all the crazy stuff that comes up in life. Life doesn’t pause while we are doing the work to build a business and align to our dreams. And it will often sling some pretty big stuff at us, as if to say, “How much do you want this?”

Let me tell you about the incredibleness of the ripple effect. My clients work together in my programs as groups, mini tribes. And unconditionally support each other, believe in each other, and help each other work through emotions and fears and life’s junk. And I’m there too, coaching, guiding, challenging everyone to stay focused on the model I teach and to keep going. It always happens that in the moments of the greatest challenges we share, that the most incredible breakthroughs unfold. They’re the moments my clients spring forward in their personal and business growth. They win their dream clients. They see their clients experience unprecedented results.

We just have to keep going when the going gets tough, and we do that by supporting each other and believing in each other. Those moments have a ripple effect. As we align to our greatest purpose, and things that hold us back begin fall away, the momentum and energy of that moves through our whole lives, and our businesses and into our clients’ lives. It truly is magical!

Step 4 - Now is Your Time

In the final step, I share with you the importance of answering the call to use our gifts, and what it means not just for you, but its ripple effect on the world.


I celebrate the magic of the the ripple effect on my website in a section called, Spotlight. If you haven’t checked it out, the link is below to listen and read about the unexpected MAGICAL moments my clients experience as they follow their dreams - and how re-aligning to their heart-centered purpose has changed everything for them. We could never predict or know that the most incredible, moments will come from choosing our dreams, and persevering through the toughest challenges life and business throw at us.

Thank you for listening to yourself – and giving your call - the nudge - your dream a chance to rise up. I hope this series helps you get well on your way! Don't stop here! Now is your time to make it happen! Let's connect - below are ways to keep you going. I believe in you and I believe in what you are meant to do with your unique gifts in this world.