I started my coaching business in 2011 to empower women to create a life of joy through fulfilling their purpose.


I am on a mission to positively impact thousands of women worldwide by guiding them to a life filled with freedom, fulfillment, joy and purpose. 

- Steph Gold

This space truly has been a home, a safety net, a place to grow and a space that pushes me. We all think we can do it alone but the reality is, it’s SO much better to move forward with aligned humans who have your back. Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster, and Steph has created a space that makes it feel less scary.

What I’m most grateful for is her authenticity, actionable advice and the true love she pours into everything she touches. It’s not about frills or looking nice, it’s about actually getting things done and doing what matters most. So much of my business is inspired by what she has created, and honestly, part of why I said yes in the first place is because I’d be proud to run a business like hers.
— Sarah, Took Flight in 2016
This tap on my shoulder to do something outside the corporate box I’ve been living in for the last decade was not going away.

I had two choices... I could stay in the corporate box, ignore the inner desire to be a coach, and just stop pretending that one day I’d do it OR I could step in for real, invest in myself and this annoying dream that won’t leave me alone, and truly give it a shot.

I have gotten the wake-up call to the possibilities and I can actually SEE the plan in black and white now. Steph gives us individual guidance, step-by-step, to ensure that we have a physical game plan to actually move forward - not just feel enthused for a week and then forget it all.
— Diana, Took Flight in 2017