Are You Ready to Stop Dreaming and Start Coaching? Make Your Dream Your Reality in    Six Weeks to Gold!



This program was MADE FOR yOU IF…

You have built a following on social media but you have yet to create the lucrative income from your own business you  know you are capable of manifesting. Others are making it happen - so why not you, too?


You light up at the thought of building your own heart-centered coaching business, helping others through your natural talents, skills and life lessons that make you uniquely you.

What is Six Weeks to Gold All About?

Women across the globe are living their life purpose as coaches - and revelling in the joy and freedom of working from their home on their own schedule.

But it takes DOING THE WORK to get there, with the right steps, personal accountability and tons of support along the way!

Six Weeks to Gold is a program designed by Steph Gold, Founder of Steph Gold Life Coach, LLC, (SGLC), and the Gold Method. It is taught and mentored by her incredible team of Master Coaches. They are masters of the the method and have used it to build their own highly successful businesses.

Click on their names to learn more about Sarah, Aly and Diana in their In the Spotlight interviews, and how they became masters of their craft to live their dreams in less than a year's time. 

In just six weeks…

you will use the Gold Method to:

1)  Bring your strengths into focus and identify ideal clients that you can truly help right now.

2)  Create a business plan to launch and grow your business.

3)  Design your business structure to start making money right away.

4)  Harness the tools, support and confidence to win clients and earn back your investment in the program (and more) by the end of the six weeks.

5)  Understand what it takes to bring your dreams to life through your own financially successful, purpose-driven business.

By the end of the program, you will know if you are ready to completely align your life to your dream, how to make it happen, and what support system you will need to sky-rocket your business.

This program has limited space and is only available twice a year. 

if you are being tapped to coach, please click to apply below. Steph's team will contact you to schedule a meeting to see if it's a fit for you. This program may sell out quickly.

The Nitty-Gritties...

Next Program Dates: Sunday, August 26, 2018 - Saturday, October 6, 2018

What to Expect: 6 intense weeks of learning, doing and making sh*t happen! A fully digital, online program, with weekly group calls with your Coach. 2 group calls and 1, one-on-one meeting with Steph Gold over the 6 weeks. Tools and activities (aka homework) to help you master the concepts you're learning and put them into action right away. A highly supportive group space for women on the same journey with you, to connect and hold each other accountable.

Program Cost: $2,000 USD if paid in 2 payments of $1,000 USD before August 24th OR $1,750 USD (a $250 discount) paid in 1 payment upon signing up or by August 17, whichever is sooner.

The Goal: is for EVERYONE to complete the program with  paying clients and earn back  at least 2 times the investment in the program.

To meet more Coaches who took the leap, and in a year's time (or less!) have built their own successful coaching businesses using Steph's Gold Method, visit our In the Spotlight page. These women are A-MAZING, and one of their stories could become your story!

Trust your beautiful badass soul and let's make your dream your reality!