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"I combine life coaching, entrepreneurship & business mentoring to empower women to rise into the Life of their dreams through creating their own successful coaching business.” - Steph Gold

The Flight School program was created for the dreamers, doers, and game changers. The ones who cannot say no to the nudges and shoulder taps to bring their unique purpose into the world. This program incorporates every aspect successful coaches need to go from idea to launch and into financial success building a business that helps others also live their best life.

 Flight School is a 12-month intensive program working directly with Steph as she coaches you through her system and every obstacle life throws you along the way. This is a yearlong program because her goal is to help you build a successful business that creates the freedom to live life by your own design.

 She teaches you the steps that are required to create a successful coaching business that not only smashes through your financial goals but also lights you up beyond anything you may be able to currently imagine.

“An amazing inner-transformation happens when you align your purpose with your everyday life to create your ideal lifestyle –it is one of my favorite parts of this wild journey.”
— Steph Gold

The Flight School Program has Four Carefully Crafted Components

First: You will Master Steph’s system, the Gold Method

This will guide you in creating a business plan to move you into the right action steps. Whether you are starting from idea or want to jump start your established coaching business - you will get the tools you need.


Second: You will work directly with Steph each week on a group call

This call is for accountability, guidance and support. one-to-one coaching with Steph in a group setting is by design to give you Opportunities to learn from other powerhouse women in the group at the same time.

Third: Tribe and sisterhood - You share Your Incredible Journey with Other women, locking arms and creating magic…together!

The Group provides a consistent support system and accountability in a private group space designed just for this program.


Fourth: Flight School offers 2 live “Execute Retreats

These retreats are magical! Massive business growth happens in just a matter of days. This is NOT a mastermind and is unlike any retreat you’ve seen before. This is one-to-one coaching on a figurative stage so you are able to experience exponential growth and break through growth ceilings to up-level your game and your business. Learn More about these powerful events Here.

The yearlong coaching has created a level of commitment in me that I haven’t seen before. Committing to something for that period of time means it’s real and having a coach just as committed to you for that period of time means IT IS HAPPENING! I know if I had just done an 8-week program or something similar, I would’ve ended up quitting by some means or another. Commit to yourself for a year and see what magic can happen!
— Aly, Took Flight in 2017
It has only been a few months now, but in this short period of time, I have made LEAPS and BOUNDS in my professional life. — Without Steph, I don’t know if I would have had the confidence in taking the multiple leaps I did. She has shown me that no matter what happened with my decision (to leave my job), I would be able to support myself. Her approach is to help us create tangible, actionable goals that move us closer to what it is we truly want. I’ve had other coaches in the past, and most of them were airy-fairy BS. Steph teaches us the DO. And without the DO, there can be no RESULTS. I am forever grateful for making this investment.
— Shelby, Took Flight in 2017
Working with Steph was the scariest and best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I was all-in, but almost let fear take me out. Being fearful about investing in yourself isn’t really about money, it’s about being worried you somehow aren’t good enough to make your dream a profitable reality. Steph not only worked through these fears with me from Day 1, she’s dismantled them. She’s 100% about only taking dedicated action to turn dreams into huge businesses and to stop spinning your wheels.

I knew I had a gift to empower others to live their epic lives instead of just being inspired by others, but I was struggling to execute it in any real, meaningful and tangible way. I know I’m someone who needs accountability, and she is ON IT! Nothing gets by her, and tough love is around every corner kicking us into action. If you think it’s inspiring to see people pushing everyone around them to a higher place, try being personally coached by them. You won’t regret it!
— Courtney, Took Flight in 2017


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